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Business Counselor Dr. Erfa Iqbal of Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing Visited Senyuan Group

  Wednesday morning, December 16th, business counselor Dr. Erfa Iqbal of Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing visited Senyuan. Secretary of the Changge municipal Party Liu Shengli, president of Senyuan Group Chu Jinfu, director of Senyuan Electric Cao Hong, director of Senyuan Heavy Industries Chen Xishan and assistant president of Senyuan Group Dai Quanhe held the reception. Dr. Erfa Iqbal`s visit was after her accompany with Pakistan Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Zhengzhou.

  During the meeting, Secretary Liu Shengli hoped that Changge will increase communication and information exchange with Pakistani enterprises, in order to contribute to the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. President Chu Jinfu introduced Senyuan to the guests and talked about the efforts that the company has made to take this historical opportunity that the ‘One Belt, One Road` strategy has brought us. He said that Senyuan group attaches great importance to the development of the international market, the International Business Development Department has been promoting our business in Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, and South America, and Dr. Erfa Iqbal`s visit to Senyuan Group plays an important role in developing the Pakistani market.

  Dr. Erfa Iqbal said that Pakistan paid high attention to the `One Belt, One Road` strategy and the construction of `China-Pakistan Economic Corridor`. Pakistan is looking for cooperation with excellent Chinese enterprises for mutual benefits and Senyuan has been chosen as one of the key collaboration partners. Dr. Erfa Iqbal also put forward investment suggestions for Senyuan and she is willing to work as a bridge between the two sides.

  Dr. Erfa Iqbal invited Senyuan to visit Pakistan next year and actively promote the strategic cooperation between the two sides.

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