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National Energy Administration chief economist li ye and other leaders visit SENYUAN

  June 18, Li Ye,the National Energy Administration chief economist, Sun Jia Mi, the division chief of the energy conservation and technology equipment department of National Energy Administration, Zhang Yan Wen, the deputy director of the technology equipment department of National Energy Administration, Liu Chang Sheng, executive vice president of China electrical equipment industry association, He Kong De, the senior engineer of the China machinery industry federation, Zheng Jun, chairman of xi' an High Voltage Apparatus Research institute Co., Ltd. , visited SENYUAN. Chu Jin Fu, the board chairman, and Cao Hong, the general manager, introduced the enterprise production and development in detailed.

  Li Ye and others visited the exhibition center, complete sets of equipment factory, electric smart manufacturing industrial park, and understand the development of the enterprises in recent years. In Phase ii electric smart manufacturing industrial park, Li Ye saw the biggest transformer manufacturing base in HENAN Province, photovoltaic dedicated box assembly workshop, automated assembly lines. Especially in the 8 workshop, Li Ye got down the sightseeing car and carefully watched the world's most advanced sheet metal flexible smart system, the world's most sophisticated thermoplastic material 3D printing production systems. In front of the 3D printing equipment, Chu Jin Fu, the group chairman of SENYUAN, presented SENYUAN enterprise trademark printed by 3D printing equipment to Li Ye and Zheng Jun as a souvenir.

  When they visited the factory, Li Ye gave a high praise to the development speed and scale of the company. He said that he had been SENYUAN in 2012, earth-shaking changes have taken place in SENYUAN. Its development speed and scale is surprising, SENYUAN now has developed into the domestic industry's giants, its achievement should be proud of. He hopes that SENYUAN continue to make continuous innovation, continue to maintain the high speed development, to achieve greater development, to make greater contributions to the development of electric power enterprise in our country.

  That Li Ye, Sun Jia Mi, Zhang Yan Wen and Zheng Jun came to visit Senyuan was after attending  the meeting of Power Electronics Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association in 2016.They made a special trip to understand enterprise development situation better. Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. and China electrical equipment industry association have been become attached for more than twenty years, successfully elected to China electrical equipment industry association vice director unit, and high voltage switch branch member units .In this annual meeting, Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. has been rated as advanced member units for 2015. Over the years, Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. adhere to the "three rely on" development strategy, seize development opportunities brought by the national industrial policy, continue to strengthen scientific and technological personnel team construction, continue to increase investment in science and technology research and development, in product research and development, the development of industry, and business model innovation, management innovation and so on and has achieved fruitful results, become the backbone of the industry enterprises. Henan Senyuan Electric Co,. has been praised again in this annual meeting, Chu Jin Fu, the board chairman made a typical speech at the meeting . fully shows the affirmation by China electrical equipment industry association to Henan Senyuan Electric Co., .The company will continue to be guided by the scientific concept of development, seize the development opportunity, make greater contributions to national economic development.

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