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Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. has a number of advanced detection, testing and measuring equipment. From the inspection of raw materials and components, to the product assembly and delivery inspection of the finished products, we conduct stringent quality control and ensure high product quality. The advanced equipments provide guarantee from the development and upgrade of new products to the trial production.

In terms of the incoming inspection of raw materials and components, we have a series of cutting-edge testing equipments, including the mechanics laboratory, metal material laboratory, comprehensive testing equipment, arrester testing equipment, etc. 

1. On-site testing of high/low voltage switchgear equipment
We have 8 advanced high/low voltage testing lines, 6 high/low voltage switchgear testing lines, and 3 shielding rooms, which can test more than 150 high/low voltage switchgear equipments and more than 200 high/low voltage disconnectors a day, which effectively ensures the product quality.

2. Transformer testing
We have 2 sets of advanced comprehensive transformer testing systems, one lightning impulse voltage generator testing equipment, one shielding room, and one oil analysis room, and can conduct various tests from the incoming oil immersed transformer components under 35kV to the finished products.

3. Testing of high/low voltage transformer, high voltage epoxy resin insulator and plastic coating parts
We have one advanced high polymer material laboratory, 3 partial discharge laboratories, 2 mutual inductor laboratories, one X ray laboratory, one semi-finished mutual inductor laboratory, and one insulator power-frequency voltage-withstand test room, which can meet the testing requirements.

4. Testing of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, high/low voltage reactive compensation device, active power filter device, 40.5kV and higher voltage outdoor AC disconnector, outdoor high voltage AC circuit breaker
We have a series of advanced laboratories, including high voltage test room, environment test room, EMC electromagnetic compatibility test room, vibration impact test room, photovoltaic aging test room, etc. with which we can meet the requirements of daily inspection work for Electric Department in Zhengzhou City, and meanwhile we can also conduct trial production test for new product development and other scientific experiments.

5. Plant Testing and Special Testing
We have professional first-class testing system, including the high voltage insulating test room, capacitive current aging test system, temperature rise test system, mechanical endurance test system, and environmental test room.


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